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Jede Woche eine Farbe im Angebot!

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The original dog bed. From award winning designers.

Raba-Raba beds are hand-made in Europe, and designed by renowned industrial designers.

Dogs think we're fantastic.

Dogs can't speak (yet), so we asked the owners.

  • Unlikely friends!

    The bed has arrived - Lucy is super happy!

  • Pela adores it

    Pela imediatelly jumped into the bed - thanks you guys so much!

  • Ultra comfortable

    Christmas came early this year for Fia!

  • Highly recommended!

    Corgi Oliver enjoys his new Raba-Raba!

  • They love it!

    Gita is very possessive of her new Raba! (we have two dogs but only one Raba 😄)


  • Thank you!

    I praised Grga, but I actually have to commend your bed as well. Ever since he got it, he no longer camps out on the couch!

    - Aleksandra

  • Approved!

    Just wanted to let you know that Mango approved the bed! 😁

  • Double happiness.

    They really enjoy their new Raba-Raba beds!

    - Tea

  • Extremely satisfied!

    The material is excellent and durable, yet soft enough for our Bella to enjoy it thoroughly.

  • Thank you!

    Bella jumped right in!

  • Tito loves it

    Tito is very satisfied and already sleeping like a log! The bed is excellent! Thank you!


  • Great quality.

    Pango jumped right in - better quality than the beds we had before.


  • Size, funcionality, color - top!

    Finally found an ideal dog bed for my Nalu. (Portuguese water dog)

  • The bed is phenomenal!

    Our customer Marta sent us this super-cute photo - a bigger bed is always better! (according to dogs)

  • Great!

    The owner sent us an image without description, but this picture is worth a thousand woofs!

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Featured products


Our best selling collection, featuring high quality water-repellent fabric. 

Experience the joy of unboxing the new bed!

Shown in video: Raba-Raba Originals in XL size and Stone Grey color.

Which size is right for your dog? 🤔

Our interactive guide will help you find the perfect size for your animal friend!


Why makes your dog beds special?

  1. Premium Quality Materials 🛌: We use only the highest quality fabrics and fillings, ensuring that each bed is not only comfortable but also durable. Our materials are carefully selected to be cozy for your dog and long-lasting, even with daily use.
  2. Ergonomic Design 🐾: Each bed is thoughtfully designed to support your dog’s body, providing an ideal balance of softness and support. This helps in maintaining good posture and joint health, especially beneficial for older dogs or those with physical ailments.
  3. Stylish and Practical 🎨: We believe dog beds should not only feel good but also look good in your home. Our beds come in a variety of styles and colors that can easily complement your home decor. They're also designed for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Can I order a dog bed with custom fabric?

Yes, you can order a bed with a fabric color that isn't listed on our webshop, our you send your own fabric for a COF order (Customer's own fabric). You can contact us here for more info.

Can I buy your bed for my cat?

Of course, but keep in mind that cats have different needs than dogs. Cats prefer to sleep in quiet, dark and elevated spaces, with emphasis on quiet and elevated. If you put your RABA-RABA bed on e.g. the floor by your sofa, your cat will probably feel too insecure to sleep in it.

We recommend that you put your RABA-RABA bed on a wall shelf or a side table, with two exit paths available for your cat.