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RABA-RABA, a brand of Pleme company, started with a mission to bring a fresh approach to the mattress industry, tailored to a new generation of consumers.

As we delved deeper into creating comfortable, durable mattresses, we realized that our expertise and resources could be extended to another, often overlooked, member of the family: our beloved dogs. This led to the birth of our RABA-RABA dog beds, blending our mattress-making craftsmanship with a passion for pet comfort.

Our foray into dog beds was a natural progression, fueled by our understanding of comfort and support in sleep products. We noticed that much like humans, dogs too, benefit from a restful and supportive place to rest. Our dog beds are not just an afterthought; they are the result of meticulous design and the same commitment to quality that goes into our human mattresses.

Beyond our commitment to contemporary design, we place a strong emphasis on local production. Our manufacturing occurs across various locations in Croatia, collaborating with both small family workshops and larger factories.

"Designed for new generations of dog lovers."

  1. Commitment to Sustainability 🌍: We're dedicated to reducing our environmental pawprint. Our beds are made with eco-friendly practices in mind, including the use of sustainable materials wherever possible.
  2. Exceptional Customer Service 💖: We're not just about selling beds; we're about creating a community of happy dogs and owners. Our team is always ready to assist with any queries or provide recommendations based on your dog's specific needs.


Our founders, Filip Havranek and Kristina Lugonja, are acclaimed for their contributions to industrial design, earning numerous national and international awards. They have also participated in prestigious accelerator programs, including FilRouge Capital in Zagreb, Croatia, and Kiuas in Helsinki, Finland.

Awards and recognitions

Our design team has received several domestic and international awards and recognitions, highlighting the most significant ones for their contribution to industrial design.

We believe in quality without tricks.

We work with the best to achieve the best. We often say no, so that we can eventually say yes. And only then do we put our dog beds into production.

  • Our foams

    Only high quality foam flakes, from Europe's leading foam factories, end up in Raba-Raba beds.

  • Our fabrics

    We source our fabrics from Slovenia, Denmark and Netherlands.

  • Sawing&cutting

    From initial cut to the final stitch, our beds are handcrafted in Croatia.